The interactive art work using the computer network.

"Communication Grill Chang-tei" (henceforth, CGC) are the works on the theme of "Communication" which cooks and eats roast meat, carrying out an impending partner and an impending chat using the chat software which can operate the electric heater which can be moved via a network, and an electric heater.

Chat to eating!

This electric heater works considering the conversation exchanged on a network as the power.
In order to eat roast meat, you have to continue carrying out a chat.
You have to continue carrying out the chat with the partner surrounding a table.
If a chat is stopped, the fire of an electric heater will go out.

This electric heater is the network household electric appliances of a new century!!


This work is a system which supports communication of the unknown users which stimulate the action in the real space of the user of eating in a table, by exchanging the communication which talks through a network of (carrying out a chat), and provide a user with the space where the feeling of a share with which the act of eating the conversation and the roast meat in a chat was mixed drifts.

This system consists of an electric heater "Communication Grill" which controls fire power by receiving the command from chat software , and "CGC Apli" which chat software to cooking control apparatus. When these operate intermittently, the act that a user performs a chat is connected with the result that meat is cooked.




Communication Grill( Whole figure)


IPaddress Display
(liquid Crystal)

LAN port
Operation lamp
CGC Chat Application

[GRILL]-[ON]:The connection dialog to "Communication Grill" open and enter IP adress that displayed on the liquid crystal screen.

[CGC]-[LOGIN]:Login dialog carries out pop-up one, and puts in a user name and login.

Chatlog is displayed.
Input message.
It is made to operate when an electric heater is OFF at the same time it transmits Message.
5.Electric heater state display Window
The operation remaining time of an electric heater is expressed as animation.
1. You begin to carry out a Chat with the partner sorrounding a table.
2. In order to eat meat, you carry out a continuous chat with the partner,If a chat is stopped, the fire of an electric heater will go out.
3. Meat is burned because conversation becomes lively, and many-sided communication is induced by eating roast meat as the result.
4. The interaction that meat is burned by a chat will provides users with subject and bounces chat.
5. By the air of the silent spot opposite to the conversation of the chat which bounces and the feeling of a share of the spot, you will discover the new interpretation and view to each other of each other.
6. The situation in the conversation of a chat, the atmosphere shared with the partner who sits on the surroundings of an electric heater, and the feeling of a share obtained through the act of eating the roast meat as the result make new deployment of communication with a partner.
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